Good Sunday morning.

Trying to fight kids for the internet is torture. Something about Facebook and needs.

Let’s just say although I’m not a 5:30 a.m.-type person, or even a 10 a.m.-type, I’m amazed at how little I dislike people for talking to me in the morning. Yesterday we’d painted a building before 9:50 a.m.

I’ll have lots more to blog about later in detail, but I wanted to post a few pics from our first few days. We spent our first day in Bani running a medical clinic, where we saw 100 patients the first day. Despite the language barrier, it’s amazing how far a smile can go. My favorite part was the little girls worried I was turning too red from the sun. They brought over an umbrella to shield me. So sweet.

Leaving Santo Domingo to go to Restoration Ranch

Restoration Ranch where we are working. Mango trees abound.


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  1. Aww Julia, how sweet that they were trying to protect you lovely skin, when in all actuality you were there to help them and do do them. That really touched my heart. Oh and I am so happy you don’t have any bite to your early morning task and team members 🙂

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