Seattle’s Best – Part 1

Anaji Hessne and her family will move into their home on the far right at the end of this summer.

I’ve been waiting on this post for a month. I was at the mercy of our web team before my favorite portion of last month’s venture to AmeriCorps’ Build-a-Thon in Seattle and Renton, Washington could be shared.

While I got to do a lot of touristy things, I also got to see how awesome the power of Habitat can be.

I was only a few days out from leaving Alabama and these families that were still in shock about how to rebuild their lives. Traveling to Seattle gave me the opportunity to see what happens when those answers of “What’s next?” start to come together.

The amazing mothers – Anaji and Yessenia – were both kind enough to share their stories of how they found Habitat and that persistence pays off when it comes to having a piece of the American dream. I’m so thankful to be in a position where I not only got a trip to Seattle, but got to experience the Seattle that isn’t in Pike’s Place Market or in a fancy restaurant.