Seattle’s Best – Part 2

I love that I can walk two blocks to work, but sometimes I think it would be nice to walk to blocks in a big city. Seattle didn’t do me any favors.

While I had the amazing opportunity to travel for Habitat, I was more thrilled that I was blessed with plenty of down time to properly explore the city. It didn’t hurt that it only rained for one day of the five days I was on the west cost. Locals were kind of surly when I mentioned that I was just in town for the week and I got to enjoy the sunshine they’d waited on for five months.

While I did see the original Starbucks and went to the top of the Space Needle, I think my favorite places weren’t always at the top of the must-see lists.

First up was Pike’s Place Market. It is on the top of the must-see lists and we were there during a cheese festival. Thank Gouda.

Next up was the aquarium. Horrible chai, just OK attraction. Their research information is more exciting than anything you actually see.

I did love the photo exhibit by Seattle-based photographer Daniel Beltrá called “Spill,” based on his time covering the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

One of my favorite stops was Kubota Gardens, which is tucked away outside of downtown. It was 50 degrees and perfect for wandering.I also may or may not have had to crawl under the trees while at the back of the property to use the restroom. It’s a beautiful sanctuary that’s colorful even on a typical rainy day. As someone with a black thumb, it gave me hope that if they could get those vibrant colors after a cold winter, I could keep the ivy alive.

My last favorite stops were the Freemont Troll and the Gas Works Park. The day was just bliss and reminded me of Sunday afternoons at Hopelands Gardens in Aiken.

My touristy thing was the Bringing Punk to the Masses/Nirvana exhibit at the EMP was fantastic. While it was fantastic and a piece of history I’m glad I got to see, I almost couldn’t enjoy it! I was in fourth grade with Kurt Cobain died and just discovering Mariah Carey and Boys II Men at the time. While in high school, my best friend was obsessed with learning more about Kurt’s life and influence and I felt wrong experiencing all of that without her. I took loads of pictures to make up for it.