These are the places I will always go

I’m a beach girl through-and-through, but it was great to escape to Maggie Valley and Asheville, N.C. for the weekend with the gals that make Americus worth living in.

I always worry about weekend trips with people I’ve only hung out with limited capacities, especially after vacationing with some wonderful people in the past. I had no need to worry. I’m just incredibly blessed to always have a great group of ladies in whatever city I’ve lived in. I don’t think it gets better than people who are willing to stand over the sink with the ice cream carton on the last morning so you don’t have to trash yumminess.

Christmas was still up!

Which is kinda perfect since we got a dusting of snow.

Caitlin showing off her favorite places on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway