Youth Leadership Conference: Be the change


Habitat for Humanity youth participant. Credit: Ezra Millstein Habitat for Humanity, All rights reserved

This past weekend I spent it in Peachtree City with my amazing co-workers and 300+ of our youth volunteers. In the middle of our keynote from Clive Rainey on Saturday night, I was fighting back tears as he told his story of following Habitat founder Millard Fuller’s vision and living a life of selfless service. I don’t know how someone likes him grows up to be this person. I’m so thankful I have a small part in being a part of the lives of these leaders that will go on to be the Clive Rainey’s of the world.


Here’s a link to our Storify wrap-up from the weekend. We reached more than 3 million people with our social media use. I couldn’t be happier.