Jan. 10: Name something about today that inspired you.


2019: Tonight I volunteered at the Rodney Carrington show in Greenville. I was praying I wouldn’t get put inside the concert hall becasue I knew I would not like his humor. I was lucky and got tickets. I went in the restroom and was just appalled at the content in the less than 5 minutes I could hear it clearly. As I came out, a lead usher was looking for a couple of people to replace ushers inside becasue they were appalled, too, and did not want to remain inside and seem complicit with the content. I get there is definitely different humor for everyone, but I can’t accept racist, sexist drivel. It inspired me that other people felt the same way and did something about it.

2018: Seeing the Twitterverse rally around Michelle Williams’ pay for reshoots for All The Money In the World. She was paid $1,000 while co-star Mark Wahlberg received $1.5 M.