Aug. 3: What do you lie about?

How much of a fraud I feel at life. I’m really not very good at being an adult, quite frankly. I smile and tell people “I’m good” when they ask “How are you?” It’s usually the opposite, but no one wants to hear that you’re failing at work and scared of next steps that are as simple as, “Put on these leggings” to “you should probably eat something because it’s been 48 hours since you’ve fed yourself.” If you tell people how frequently you falter, they usually respond with, “But I thought you were past that” or “I thought you were doing better.” Anxiety and depression isn’t a phase or a stage, it’s life. Every. Dang. Day. It’s being your worst enemy and telling yourself you’re not good enough, you’ve failed, you don’t belong, and you’re just as terrible as everyone thinks and no one’s there to stop that track from playing over and over and over.