Aug. 19: ________ really bothered you today.

A customer. I told the guy it would be 15-20 minutes before we could sit his party of five outside. He looked at me and said, “why?” I said that was the best we could accommodate him at this time and if he’d prefer inside, I could seat their group immediately. He looked at me and said, “But you have a table and chairs outside.” TECHNICALLY yes, we had an extra set of chairs and a table turned on its side. I replied, “We have all the tables our servers can attend to at this moment.” He goes, “Well is the table broken?” And just kept insisting I seat them immediately. I politely said they could take a seat at the bar while they waited on the table to become open. Then I looked down at my hostess stand and tried my best to not make a face or fume or roll my eyes.